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The Gum Wall

This is a very special hardcore mix I did for Valentine's Day last year as a Facebook exclusive. Well, happy Valentine's Day, now it's here. 
Oh yeah, there's a really cheesy poem that goes with it:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
It's Valentine's Day
So I've got for you

An exclusive mix
(Scroll for the link)
Just for anyone
Because I think 

You guys are the best 
So you should get 
The only mix 
On the internet 

Because this is 
Entirely new 
A hardcore mix 
From me to you 

My favorite tunes 
From years ago 
Two, three, or four 
Nothing retro though 

Call it oldschool 
Or call it fun 
Or save it for 
A day in the sun 

I hope you like it 
And share it too 
For all my fans 
This is for you! 

OGG - Q4 (128kbps VBR), 48.7MB: LoveBug-The_Gum_Wall.ogg

M4A (AAC) - 160kbps, 64.2MB: LoveBug-The_Gum_Wall.m4a


Uplift & Sc@r - Your Destiny (Intro Mix) 
Ian K - Out Of The Sky 
Inverse & Orbit1 - Welcome 2 Tomorrow 
Nu Foundation - What Did You Say 
Rhianna vs Technikore - Unfaithful 
Inverse & Orbit1 - Don't Give Up 
Cascada - What Hurts The Most (Al Storm Remix) 
A.B. & Amplitude - Thinking Machine (The Dubstep Machine Edit) 
Ham & DNA - About U 09 
Heaven 7 - Dance With Me (Joey Riot & Paul F's Lethal Remix) 
Orbit1 - Jitter 0.5 
Andy Whitby - Audio Hedz - Rokk Ya Body (Gammer Remix) 
Petruccio & Modulate - Wet Knickers 
S3rl - MCT 
South Park feat. Stan Marsh - Pretty F'd Up 
Kurt vs Altered State - Talk To Andy 
JAKAZiD - Donk EspaƱol 

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Source Code

Yes, there's a track list. You just have to be "smart" enough to find it ;)

This is a mix I did almost a year ago but never recorded. Then last week happened.

I did this one for me. I needed to return to hard trance more than I could ever explain. This mix is about re-visiting the place I started, and remembering who I am inside. There is a lot of emotion that went into it. This is my release. This is my source.

Yes, the tracks are old. Some are older than others...

...and yes, I'm a big fan of Technikal.

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That spells Tigger!

Before there was Donk, before there was Scouse, when Hard Dance came unto its own, there arose a sub-genre of Hard House, classified by an off-beat "klubb" bassline that bounced along a piano roll instead of being flat and monotone. This is the original Donk. This is BOUNCE!

This was a CD release for Bounce Again, a Nu Breed event on Feb. 20th, 2010.

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Super Serial

Hint: SUBS ON!

If you're looking for something harder, this is it. This is hard bass madness. Dark, evil, and super, duper, serial. This is Russian Donk.


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Those lasers are ridiculous.
The music is reDONKulous.

Just listen, you'll catch on.